Ova & Parasites Test

Fasting Required: No Specimen: Stool Results: 1-2 Business days Description: The ova and parasite (O&P) exam is used to help diagnose the cause of persistent diarrhea. It determines whether there are parasites present in the lower digestive tract and, if so, to identify them. Since there are many other causes of diarrhea, the O&P is often ordered along with other tests, such as a stool culture, which identifies the presence of disease-causing bacteria in the stool. Includes Ova and Parasite Concentrate Result, Trichrome Result Methodology Microscopic Examination of Concentrate • Permanent Stained Smear Reference Range(s) No ova and parasites seen Clinical Significance Diseases caused by human parasites remain on a worldwide basis among the principle causes of morbidity and mortality. Correct diagnosis of intestinal parasitic infection depends on proper collection, transport, detection and identification of parasites in stool specimens. Symptoms range from malaise to death. Treatment is dependent upon examining multiple stool specimens due to the erratic shed rates of some parasites. Alternative Name(s) O and P with Permanent Stain Patient Preparation Interfering substances: Bismuth, barium (wait 7-10 days), Antimicrobial agents (wait 2 weeks), Gallbladder dye (wait 3 weeks after procedure)