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SHBG Testing
Fasting Required: No Specimen: Blood Results: 3-5 Business Days Description: Levels of SHBG are under the positive control of estrogen's and thyroid hormones, and are suppressed by androgens. These influences dynamically control the liver synthesis of this carrier protein. Decreased levels of SHBG are frequently seen in hirsutism, virilization, obese post-menopausal women and in women with diffuse hair loss. Increased levels may be present in cases of hyperthyroidism, testicular ferminization, cirrhosis, male hypogonadism, pregnancy, women using oral contraceptives and prenubertal children. Methodology: Immunoassay (IA) Clinical Significance: Testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and estrogens circulate in serum bound to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). SHBG concentrations are increased in pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, cirrhosis, oral estrogen administration and by certain drugs. Concentrations are decreased by testosterone, hypothyroidism, Cushings syndrome, acromegaly and obesity.